Yoga class for all levels each Monday at 6:30pm. Cost: $10/ea.

We offer "Group Therapy...Yoga for the Office Group/Teams or Coworkers".
De-stress, stretch and breathe new life and energy into your work group or team. Let our
DefyG yoga instructor build a yoga session tailored to your needs. Call DefyGENETICS to schedule your event today!


To the
GetFIT and SpeedFIT programs we add:

  • Increased Intensity Training
  • Advanced Muscular Training (Level 2)
  • Mentorship
  • College Recruitment Assistance

To the
GetFit program, we add:

  • Advanced Speed Development
  • Advanced Muscular Training (Level 1)
  • Explosive Movement Training
  • Vertical Enhancement Training
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Video Analysis
  • Periodic Assessment of Speed,
    Agility, Strength and Physical Attributes

DefyGENETICS 101 "Day 1" when you arrive at DefyGENETICS

  • The client/you will complete a DefyGENETICS health assessment form.
  • DefyGENETICS Trainer will conduct an assessment of your mind, body and spirit.
  • We'll discuss your goals, short & long term.  Then we'll develop a road map as to what it will take to achieve your respective goals using backwards planning. We use a craw, walk, run progressive training approach.
  • The trainer will conduct body measurements that will be computed into our database to track progress.
  • We'll educate you on how to stretch DefyGENETICS style.
  • If an athlete seeking to improve & enhance athletic sports performance; the trainer will assess and film your footwork, foot speed, running form and technique, vertical, etc.
  • Educate running proper form & technique
  • Provide nutrition educational counseling
  • The trainers will assess and identify your strengths and weaknesses, muscular & physical imbalances, optimal core muscular strength, balance, flexibility, functional & stability testing.
  • The trainer will discuss the results at the conclusion of the DefyGENETICS 101 session.
  • Establish the DefyG Triangle: The triangle is a system of communication between the athlete, family support and the DefyG trainer to ensure that the athlete stays the course to the established road map to SUCCESS.

Our DefyGENETICS clients goals become our goals!
Hardwork & Dedication=SUCCESS!

We at DefyGENETICS provide group and individual training for tactical athlete (military), sports athletes and athletes in the game of life. We train our clients mentally, physically and spiritually. If you are ready to achieve your health, fitness and or sports performance goals give us a call at 804-615-4135 to start your road to success!

Offering but not limited to these three levels of Athletic Development/Sports Performance Training Programs. Each level has its own training goals, objectives and techniques.

Training and Education in:

  • Proper Form and Technique
  • Fundamental Body Mechanics
  • Balance & Core Strength
  • Athleticism
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Nutrition Education

One time $15 enrollment fee for new contracts
Payments can be made in Cash, Credit Card, Money Orders and Checks.
*Payment options available for training services packages

(Make checks payable to DefyGenetics)


I'm not sure exactly what you want me to say, but I do feel very strongly about DefyGenetics and love working out there and watching how everybody and the kids improve. You should be very proud of what you are doing. As one ages there are a number of things that slow us down, at 67 I needed to do more to prevent the aging process (LOL) I decided to contact DefyGenetics after being referred by one of their happy customers. I provided a brief history and was assigned to Brandon Massenburg. What a dynamic person.  Brandon invest his self into your well being and workouts. He understands your limitations and works around them. Pushes you when you need to be pushed and wow what a motivator!  Goals have been accomplished while improvements in strength and flexibility, balance and everyday movements have improved. Still working out hard at 68 I have introduced the younger members of my family to DefyGenetics as Roger and his staff are good mentors showing that dedication to hard work, diet, exercise and discipline will payoff.
Judi Faye

To God Be The Glory!!! I'm so grateful that Roger Riggle is a part of my sons life! Our very first visit to DefyGENETICS was refreshing.  Roger greeted us as if he know us for a while. He explained to us his vision for training young athletes. Hardwork & Dedication=SUCCESS...that did it for me. He explained to Clelin the importance of good nutrition, good sleeping habits and most importantly being a good student athlete! Hardwork in the classroom is equally as important. Roger monitors on all of his social media, and don't have a problem checking him on it! He explains to him the effects that social media can have on his everyday life. Meaning that people can't see you in person, but they can form an opinion through words, posted on social media. Roger truly cares about that he  train on and off the field! GOD HAS ALLOWED US TO HAVE GREAT PEOPLE IN OUR LIVES, and Roger Riggle is one of those people! Don't take my word for it. Go SEE FOR YOURSELF!
Faye McCray
(Mother of Clelin Ferrell - 2015 class for Clemson University Football)


DefyGENETICS Al Carte Training Services
1on1 Training (Pay as you go) $45/session

*DEDICATION Package (10-14 sessions) starting at $420

*SUCCESS Package (15+ sessions) starting at $555

Group Training (2 clients) $35/ea.

Group Training (3+ clients) $25/ea.


DefyGENETICS hosts children's sports theme birthday parties.
Cost & scheduling by request.

Noteworthy clients accomplishments:
1-US Army All-American 2009
1-Under Armour All-American 2014
1-First Team All-Big
12 O-lineman 2014
4-For NFL combine
6-Arena Football players
12-Div 1 Football players
3-Professional Basketball players
4-College Baseball players
1-Drafted MLB Baseball player (11th round)
2-Top 50 nationally ranked high school track athletes
2-ESPN top high school 2015 class Football players

We take our DefyG Training on the Road: We run DefyG speed/agility camps & mental toughness, team-building clinics for groups & teams of all levels at their location. Call us at (804) 615-4135 for details.