What PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US - Testimonials

Darvin Taylor, II (DT2), ESPN Class 2015 top 300 Recruit, Four Star Defensive Tackle and Florida State Seminoles Class 2015 commit, has been training with Mr. Roger Riggle at Defy GENETICS for over four years. We have noticed a great change in his strength, size, speed and quickness; Hard Work Plus Dedication=SUCCESS! Defy GENETICS is the place to for your one on one and group training, if you are serious about getting/seeing results. The professionalism, high energy trainers and tailored workout plans are off the charts and gives their clients, a “personal, I am special feeling”. Mr. Roger has become more than a personal fitness trainer to my son (DT2); he’s now one of DT2 mentors and a family friend. We are excited, proud and blessed to have Mr. Roger and Defy GENETICS share Team Taylor’s journey in developing DT2 into a God fearing fine young man and elite athlete. The best is yet to come…Go Team Taylor!!!
Darvin Taylor

DefyG is the way to go
Athletes all ages should go to Roger and DefyGenetics to better their game! I am a long-time client that went to DefyGenetics to prepare myself for my freshmen football season at ODU. I went in the best shape of my life, and I give all the credit to Roger. DefyGenetics is for sure the way to go! & I repeat for ALL AGES! Thanks Roger.

Justin Cooper, ODU football

What can I say other than RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS! 
​The DefyG program works and works excellently!  I have seen such a change in my 15 year old son over the past couple of months since starting weekly and now twice-weekly workouts with Roger!  If you are looking for big gains in size, endurance, strength, and more….get with Roger!
Roger approached me about training my son before last season’s football games started.  I waited until after the game season ended.  BIG MISTAKE now in hindsight.  Seeing the gains SINCE football game season ended….we wished we had started when Roger first approached us!
If you bring your athlete to DefyG, and become part of the DefyG “Triangle”, then success will follow.

Donald R. Lawton, Jr., CPA, Gregory & Associates, PLLC, Petersburg, VA  23804

DefyGenetics is an awesome place for sports performance and individual personal training.  My son Christopher “CJ” has been training with Roger Riggle for over a year now and we are very pleased with the results. Roger’s guidance and training has made and improvements in CJ athletic ability in football and basketball.  Not only is the training focused improvements in CJ’s ability as an athletic, Roger provides engaging and intense training on his physical and healthy well-being.  At DefyGenetics, you will receive high integrity, very knowledgeable and dedicated trainers that will assist and guide you in your personal goals.  I highly recommend them if you are striving to be the best athlete or just improvements to your overall physical health and abilities, Roger Riggle is your trainer.
Regina Moon-George